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Research For Life

With offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Temecula, California, we serve thousands of families whose loved ones entrust us with whole-body donation. As one of the USA’s leading whole body donation organizations, we are proud to set industry standards and are governed by a personal commitment to helping others be a part of a life-changing, beneficial donation process. With Research for Life, people just like you become a part of something bigger which benefits innovations for future generations.

Serving Arizona and Southern California, we offer families a no-cost service for: transportation, cremation and return of cremated remains, if chosen. This unique yet beneficial alternative to after-death care helps not only our donors, but future generations.

Our work is characterized by our dedication to bridging the gap between anatomical research and medicine. Always working with the welfare of both our donors and their families in mind, Research for Life has the unique ability to provide the research and educational organizations with the resources they need to succeed in developing new solutions for the ever-evolving fields of medicine.

Our Guaranteed Donor Program includes a unique process through which we carefully analyze each donor by asking a few detailed questions and evaluating your state of health. Upon successful acceptance into our donor program, donors are guaranteed to be part of the medical research & education process upon their time of death.

Why Donate?

More than just donating to medical research and education, whole body donation allows medical professionals, researchers, and innovators the unique opportunity to develop new solutions and approaches to medical practices, including substantive therapies, surgical innovations, advanced techniques, and educational training. We believe that whole body donations pave the way for future generations by allowing for more breakthroughs in medical advancements.

Donors and their families are provided the peace of mind they need when participating in our donation program. The cost of whole-body donation should not be a burden carried by any family, which is why Research for Life covers the costs associated with donation. The gift of donation is a beautiful one, and we work alongside families to ensure it remains just that.

It is our mission at Research for Life to benefit the lives of both present and future generations through innovative, whole-body donation services. We achieve this mission by providing opportunities for research, education and innovation needed to advance the many fields of medicine. From disease research and developing new surgical techniques to healing injuries and providing educational training, we help countless individuals through donation. By offering hope to future generations, we can help to improve the lives of everyone. One donation at a time!