Whole Body Donation Saves Lives.

You can benefit humanity. We can help.

Why is it Important?

We at Research For Life are making every effort possible to educate and help families through this important decision process. We educate because it is important to know your options and be able to accurately compare donation to other forms of final-arrangements. If you would like to discuss whether whole body donation is right for you, we at Research For Life are available to answer your questions.


In medical research and education, there is no substitute for human tissue, of which there is a major shortage for some types of tissues and specimens. Donors are responsible for the advancements in medicine that many of us take for granted. Donors also allow medical students to get the training they need to become doctors. They also allow those who already are doctors to maintain their surgical and medical skills, and medical device organizations to develop new implantable devices such as hips knees and other joints. . The experience and education gained through the use of human tissue is far superior to any learning provided by artificial substitutes and textbooks.

The Future

It is the donation of one's remains – not for transplant, but for scientific research and medical education. Such a “gift” has the power to impact the quality of medical care and breakthroughs to cures for life threatening illnesses for generations to come. You can benefit humanity. We can help.

Anatomical Donation is an imperative part of advancing medicine by improving surgical procedures and curing disease.  You can benefit Humanity.  Learn more about the benefits of donation today.

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Whatever your final wishes, be it burial at sea or a dignified urn, we will see the process through with the utmost care and candor.