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Anatomical donation plays a big role in advancing medicine and curing disease.

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Now, the Only Dual Accredited Organization in the Country for Transplant & Research Donation!

Research For Life is proud to announce that we have received Accreditation through the American Association of Tissue Banks! Our sister company Transplant For Life was accredited last year in our overall effort to maximize tissue donation through transplant and medical research & education. Now, Research For Life offers a full spectrum of accredited tissue services for our research and transplant partners here in the Southwest and all over the globe. This accreditation also gives our donors and our families peace of mind that we operate at the highest levels of quality, controls and integrity.

Celebrate this milestone with us! But we wont celebrate for long, as there are more hills to climb, more families to serve, more doctors to educate and more researchers to assist.

Thanks to all that have and will donate. We truly appreciate your contribution.

To learn more about AATB and why accreditation is important: Learn more about AATB

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