Benefits of Planning Ahead

Whatever your wish, end of life planning is much easier to do before we die. If donation is important to you, contact Research For Life ahead of time so that when the time comes, your loved ones can focus on the more important things.

Peace of mind is priceless.

Not only is our program no-cost to you or your loved ones, once you're accepted into our program, you are all set to donate whether or not your health changes at time of death. We call it our Guaranteed Donor Program and you can read more about it here if you like.

Saving your family money is important, but saving them peace of mind is priceless. Plan ahead by asking questions and applying for our donation program today.

Make an educated decision.  Start here:

Contact us and ask questions by phone at (800) 229-3244 or online HERE.

Apply for the program by completing our

Let us do the Rest!
Whatever your final wishes, be it burial at sea or a dignified urn, we will see the process through with the utmost care and candor.