Medical Professionals
Medical Professionals
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Medical Professionals

Advocating for Hospice & Terminal Patients

Patients in your care face intense challenges ranging from depression and anxiety to unrelenting physical pain and social isolation. Hospice and professional caregivers help patients and families understand their treatment plans. Serving as advocates for patients and their families, their work is critical in honoring patients with terminal illnesses and preparing them for what’s next.

The patients also rely on these specially trained professionals to help them learn more about end-of-life issues and options. As the interest in whole body donation continues to grow, so does the need for being able to counsel patients on this end-of-life alternative.

Donating Hope & Saving Lives

Research For Life works with a wide variety of health and senior care organizations. We provide the resources and information to help patients navigate the registration and whole body donation process.

We are a no-cost AATB accredited whole body donation organization that serves as the link between donors and medical researchers and educators who need human tissue to advance science and medicine.

Once registered, the Research For Life Donor Program will accept a donor even if health conditions should change. Please note the limitations. There are factors that can void the acceptance of a donor.

There is never any cost to the donor or their family for our services. Research For Life covers all expenses related to transportation, filing of the death certificate, cremation, and return of the cremated remains – either direct return to the family, spread at sea, or no return.

Please note that we do not register donors outside of our current service area, including the state of Arizona and, excluding some rural areas, Southern California.

You Support Your Patients. We Support You

If your organization wants to learn more about Research For Life and body donation, contact us today to schedule an on-site presentation. Please complete the presentation request form below or call 800.229.3244.

Request an In-Service

Report a Death

Pre-registration is not required if a death is imminent or has recently occurred. Please call us at 800.229.3244 our staff is available 24/7/365 and ready to assist you and the patient’s loved ones.

Register a Patient

Our Donor Program was created to make it easier for hospice and terminally ill patients to choose anatomical donation. You can start the registration process by calling Research For Life at 800.229.3244 or by completing our Donor Registration Packet.

Request Rack Cards or Brochures

Want information to hand out to your patients and their families? Please complete the brochure request form below or call us at 800.229.3244.

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