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Whole body donation has the ability to positively impact the lives of future generations. Be a part of that impact and donate with Research For Life.

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Research For Life is a whole-body donation organization working to bridge the gap between medical educators and anatomical researchers developing solutions for a more advanced “tomorrow.”

Through our work, we have helped to change the lives of thousands of families and continue to support the efforts of discovering innovative solutions, substantive therapies, educational training and techniques in the versatile field of medicine.

Research for Life has worked with thousands of families through our Guaranteed Donor Program, allowing individuals just like you to be a part of the medical innovations and breakthroughs shaping modern medicine today! As a registered donor, you can rest assured that you not only have a plan, but also contribute to giving hope to future generations.

To learn more about our Guaranteed Donor Program, or to participate as a donor, click here.

Free Cremation

No cost return of ashes in a dignified urn or Spread at Sea option!